Motivation You Need: the Workout Series from A Bikini A Day

The ladies behind the blog A Bikini A Day have created a 6-week workout series titled Body Love to help you get healthy and build confidence.

Each week focuses on a different aspect of fitness. The first week is all about their workout challenge with Self Magazine. They collaborated to create the #6WeeksUntilSummer challenge, which gives you a detailed calendar so you know exactly what to do. You can sign up for the challenge here and find all of the workouts on this page. Oakley and Brugman demonstrate each move with how-to GIFs so your form won’t suffer. Additionally, after you sign up, you’ll get an email every day as a reminder of what your workout of the day is. This serves as a little extra motivation to get it done.


The entire Body Love series encompasses six weeks:

Week 1: Self X Body Love Challenge

Week 2: Look Good, Feel Good

Week 3: Arms and Abs

Week 4: Diet

Week 5: The Butt Workout

Week 6: The 20-Minute HIIT Workout

If you miss a workout you can access the archived Body Love routines here.


I found out about their workout series through their partnership with SELF Magazine and I love the idea behind it. Instead of focusing on posting before and after photos, it’s all about building self-confidence. Also, you’ll soon be able to dress like Oakley and Brugman! Not only have these ladies created a workout routine for you, but they’ve designed an entire line of activewear that will be launched on May 16th.


Congrats to these bikini babes on their new workout series and clothing line! I’m looking forward to getting my sweat on and coping some Monday Active once it’s released.

If you’re interested in keeping up with these bikini connoisseurs, follow them on social media. Their blog’s Instagram is @abikiniaday and their personal accounts are @tashoakley and @devinbrugman. Their Twitter accounts have the same usernames too!

Have you tried the 6 Weeks Until Summer Challenege? What’s your favorite workout so far?


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