Saying Goodbye to Victoria’s Secret Swimwear and Why Pink Won’t Replace It

Victoria’s Secret is well known for their lingerie, athletic wear and swim line. However, next year you won’t be able to purchase their cute suits and probably won’t see a 2017 Victoria’s Secret Swim Special.

In a press release published in early April, the company said they plan to “focus resources on core merchandise categories” and eliminate “certain merchandise categories.” New organizations like International Business Times, EOnline and BuzzFeed News are translating this as the company choosing to stop producing swimwear. Though the company hasn’t given more specific details, I can only assume their Victoria’s Secret Swim Special will also be put to rest.

Personally, I’m devastated. Victoria’s Secret has become a good producer of quality swimwear. Their pieces ranged in prices, giving customers the option to spend a few Hamilton’s or a Franklin. They also have bottoms that range in coverage, from their Knockout Bikini (my personal favorite) to their Sexy Little Thong (for the more daring).

Now I know what some of you might be thinking, “What about Pink, the Victoria’s Secret’s sister company?” They also sell swimwear and no, they won’t be pulling the product from Pink stores. But there are a few reasons why Pink won’t live up to Victoria’s Secret.

  1. The designs. Pink’s products are much more demure and aimed at a younger demographic then Victoria’s Secret. Their swim bottoms are mostly full coverage, meaning anyone purchasing the Sexy Little Thong is going to have to look elsewhere. The patterns also appeal to younger women. With bright patterns and more cheetah print bikinis, older women with simpler tastes in swimwear may have a hard time shopping from Pink.
  2. Lack of options. One look at both Victoria’s Secret and Pink’s website shows that Victoria’s Secret has many more options than their sister company. Victoria’s Secret has bikinis, one-pieces and tankinis that cater to an older demographic. These suits give women both sexy and toned down suit options, in both patterns and a multitude of solid colors. Pink has a fraction of the color options that Victoria’s Secret offers, a disappointing fact to those of us that have gotten used to not owning two suits of the same color.
  3. Bikinis only. Pink doesn’t a multitude of one-pieces or tankinis like Victoria’s Secret does. This is a huge disappointment for anyone looking for more coverage. The only one-piece I could find under Pink’s swim section is this Caged One Piece. I love the one-pieces Victoria’s Secret offers because they’re both sexy and comfortable, not to mention there are multiple styles and designs to choose from. It’s hard to find a one-piece at a reasonable price that won’t make you look like a grandmother on vacation and now that Victoria’s Secret is nipping their swimwear in the butt, the search for cute one-pieces is about to get harder.


Though it’s inevitable we will all have to say goodbye to Victoria’s Secret swimwear, there is a bright side to this fashion breakup. You won’t have to start looking for other swim companies to buy from until next year and lucky for you, Victoria’s Secret’s swimwear is on sale for 30 percent off right now. Take advantage of this deal and other sales that are sure to come before they take their swimwear off the shelves. I just stocked up on my favorite swimsuit bottoms and plan to snag a few more pieces before the end of the year.

Are you sad to see Victoria’s Secret swimwear go? What’s your favorite swimsuit from the company?


*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by @onlyvictoriassecret


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