To Contour or Not To Contour?

That is the question. Contouring is a makeup technique to enhance the your facial structure. The Kardashian/Jenners are practically the poster children for contouring. Take a look at Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian’s makeup the next time they post a picture from an event (or even a regular day selfie). Their makeup artists contour their faces to make their cheekbones and jawlines look more defined. But should you contour? If you’re looking to enhance your natural features for a day (or everyday) then contour away. However, there are a few reasons you shouldn’t contour.


  1. It looks like dirt. If you’re not experienced at doing makeup and don’t know how to bled properly, then your contouring could end up looking like dirt on your face. I’ll raise my hand and admit that I didn’t know what a beauty blender was or how to use it until three months after I began contouring (always dab, never wipe). I highly recommend picking one up to avoid looking like someone smudged dirt on your face.
  2. You’re doing it wrong. Not knowing how to contour to your face shape can not only lead to the “dirt on your face” look but also enhance the wrong features. If you choose to contour, figure out your face shape and use this helpful chart to learn where to put your contour and highlighter.
  3. You look like a disco ball. Highlighting is to give your face a little extra shine in light and bring attention to certain features. Avoid over highlighting your face and looking like a sparkling disco ball by following this guide to highlighting.
  4. You don’t need it. Why bother changing how your face looks when you’re beautiful just the way you are? Chances are people will see what your face looks like makeup free, unless you contour everyday and sleep in your makeup (which is a HUGE no-no). Embrace your natural look and be confident with your already bangin’ features.
  5. WE ARE (NOT) BLENDING. (Please tell me someone got the Blended movie reference). I’m guilty of having a two toned face at times because I forget to blend. This is a huge makeup faux pas because no one should be able to see where your makeup starts or ends. The next time you go to contour, keep in mind that your face and neck should be the same color.


I’m all for contouring when it slightly enhances the natural features of your face. But, if you’re caking it on you might want to put down the makeup brush and try a fresh face look.

If you contour what are your favorite make-up products to use? If not, what is your makeup routine like?



*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by @ninaubhi


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