Ballin’ on a Budget: Puma Fenty Trainer Lookalike

When Rihanna announced her collaboration with Puma, people jumped at the opportunity to buy the Fenty trainer shoes she helped design. Unfortunately the women’s shoes are sold out and the only sizes left for men’s are 10 and 12 in white.

I desperately wish that my feet were a men’s size 10 so I could walk around in these gorgeous shoes. If you happen to have feet that fit that size, snatch these beauties before they’re gone. If you’re like me and are cursed with a foot size that always sells out, I found a Puma shoe so similar, you’ll barely be able to tell the difference.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the Puma Fierce training shoes. Don’t get these confused with the sold out Fierce Shine trainers. They both have similar shoe designs (and names) but the shoes differ. The Fierce Shine shoes have a matte finish on the side while the Fierce trainers are a bit shiny (a bit ironic that the Fierce Shine trainers aren’t the shiny shoes).

You might recognize these shoes from the Puma campaign with Kylie Jenner. She’s the face for the brand’s Fierce line and I’m sure some of you, like myself, are a little perplexed at the use of an entertainment personality for an athletic campaign. Regardless of who is promoting the shoes, they’re still gorgeous and are so similar to Fenty trainers that you can cop the look for less.


Here are the biggest differences:

  1. The tongue. The tongue of the shoe on Rihanna’s design is much longer than the Fierce shoes Kylie Jenner promotes. However, this doesn’t mean that the Puma Fenty trainers are better because of the longer tongue. It just gives them a more unique look.
  2. The material. The sides of the Fenty shoes are made of flexible, porous material that encases the rest of the shoe. It gives the Puma Fenty shoes a uniform look. The Fierce shoes have thicker, non-porous material on the sides which is more common in shoe designs.
  3. The price. The Puma Fierce shoes are only $90 whereas the Fenty trainers are double that, not to mention almost sold out. If you’re not looking to spend nearly $200 on a pair of trainers then the Fierce shoes are for you.
  4. Color. When the Puma Fierce trainers were first released, there were four colors: red, white/black, grey and black while the Fenty shoes were released in three colors: white, red and black. Rihanna’s design has shoes that are much more uniform, with one solid color used throughout while the Fierce shoes incorporated multiple colors. Unfortunately, the Fierce shoes are only available in two colors now: grey and black. If you’re looking to cop the red or white/black shoes try looking online at sites like Amazon.

When it comes down to it, the Puma Fierce trainers are almost identical to the Fenty shoes. Unless you’re a true sneaker head and are willing to pay big bucks for a pair of trainers, then I recommend getting the Puma Fierce shoes.Personally, I think Puma decided to make a shoe so similar to the Fenty trainers because of how popular they were. I’m hoping to cop a pair in the next week or so before they sell out too. Would you spend the money on the Puma Fenty trainers or get the Puma Fierce look-a-likes?



*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by @fashion_style_in_the_world


One thought on “Ballin’ on a Budget: Puma Fenty Trainer Lookalike

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