Should You Learn CPR?

I got certified in CPR, AED and first aid when I was 16 in order to work as a lifeguard. Though the certification process was lengthy, knowing how to preform CPR is a key skill, especially if an emergency occurs. Below are some reasons why you should learn how to perform CPR, use and AED and give first aid.

  1. You could save someone’s life. If an emergency happens and no one else around is CPR certified, you could be the person who saves someone’s life. Being thrown into a situation like that sounds intimidating but your skills kick in and it becomes second nature.
  2. It builds confidence. Not only will you be confident in an emergency but also overall. I gave up lifeguarding a while ago and now work as a substitute teacher. Knowing CPR gives me an extra confidence boost at work because if something happens with one of the kids in school, I know I’ll be able to respond rather than sit back and wait for someone else to handle the situation.
  3. You learn other skills. Along with learning CPR, you can get certified in AED use and first aid, both of which are important lifesaving skills. An AED is a machine that detects heart rhythm and delivers a shock to try and restart the heart or fix irregular heartbeats. You should think about getting certified if you work somewhere where AED’s are present, like schools or campgrounds. First aid is also a lifesaving skill, though you might think otherwise. Growing up we all learn some form of first aid, such as putting on bandaids and taking care of bleeding, but knowing how to help deal with sudden illnesses like hypothermia can come in handy. People can die from sudden illnesses like heat stroke and if you don’t know what to look for, it can go unnoticed. Becoming certified in first aid will prepare you to for taking care of a range of situations. 


If you decide to become CPR certified, make sure you practice and review your skills often. You don’t want to get certified and then never practice your skills with the possibility of being thrown into an emergency situation. Certifications with the American Red Cross need to be renewed every two years. The ARC is the company I got my training from. They are OSHA compliant and are the go-to certification that most jobs requiring CPR certification look for. By taking a certification course for CPR, AED and first aid, not only will you be able to preform CPR but help someone that has a broken bone, learn how to respond in an emergency, etc.

Are you CPR/AED/First Aid certified? Comment your experience below and why you would recommend getting certified!



*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by @pashunitemind


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