Are Netflix & Hulu Replacing Cable?


With streaming TV shows and movies becoming more and more popular, I keep wondering whether Netflix and Hulu are overtaking cable?

When I move into my house (hopefully soon) I don’t plan on paying for cable. There isn’t a cable line connected to my house and rather than pay an extra bill each month I plan on sticking to my $9.99 Netflix bill. I still have to pay for Internet in order to access Netflix but I was planning on getting that regardless.

The reason I love Netflix is because it gives me a plethora of movies and TV shows to binge watch at my convenience. I’ve heard great things about Hulu too because it has newer shows and episodes on it but I personally haven’t subscribed to them (yet).

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One of the best things about streaming services is that they are cheap. The average cable bill in New Jersey is about $90 a month for cable and Internet while streaming services are around $20 a month. Hulu’s starting price is $7.99 and Netflix’s plans begin at $9.99.

 Not only will it save you money but also it’s convenient. Instead of worrying you might miss the newest episode of your favorite TV show or continuously setting your DVR to record, you can access the newest episodes of shows on your own time.

Additionally, streaming services have started generating their own content. Any fan of Orange is the New Black, Daredevil or Fuller House is well aware of this. This content is specifically available to streaming sites like Netflix and you wont be seeing it on TV. It’s nice when a new season of a show is released because you have the option to watch it all in one weekend or spread it out.

If you’re a die-hard cable TV fan then I’m sure you’re willing to spend the extra money each month to stay up to date on your favorite shows. I know my boyfriend is worried about how he will watch football in the fall. However, I’ve found that I can live without cable. The only thing I watch nowadays when I do turn on the TV are marathons of Law and Order: SVU and Chopped (both of which are available on Netflix).

What do you think about the availability of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu? Would you ever consider getting rid of cable TV?



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