How to Get a Bikini Body Today

Looking for a way to get a bikini body in time for summer? Well I have a simple 5-step process that will get you bikini body ready by the end of the day. Check it out below!


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  1. Buy a bikini. An essential step to having a bikini body is owning a bikini. Go shop for a bikini you think is to die for. Forget about the price and just buy it. If you love the bikini then you’ll love it on you.
  2. Put the bikini on. Another key part of the bikini body process. If you don’t put your bikini on, then how will you be able to get a bikini body? Throw that sucker on and do a little runway walk in your room.
  3. Be confident. I know what you’re thinking, “Not another girl who thinks a bikini body is just your body in a bikini…” Well, you’re right because I wholeheartedly believe this. It doesn’t matter what size you are, 00 or 24. You already have a bikini body. You’ve had one your entire life. The only thing stopping you from wearing one is yourself. You need to go out in your bikini with an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude because you shouldn’t care what anyone thinks. If tanning your stomach makes you happy then do it. The same concept goes for those who are afraid to rock Brazilian or thong bikini bottoms. TAN WHAT YOU WANT TO TAN BECAUSE YOU’RE SEXY ALREADY AND YOU SHOULD FLAUNT IT IF YOU GOT IT (that’s my life motto at least).
  4. Get comfortable. If you have trouble being confident in a bikini then you should focus on comfort. The key to being confident in a bikini is feeling relaxed. If you’re pulling your suit up or down constantly, you won’t be able to lay back and enjoy the feeling of sun on your tummy. When shopping for a suit, look at stores that cater to your size and offer a lot of design options. One of my favorite go-to bikini are from Peace of Paradise Creations. This made-to-order bikini company has suits in sizes 0 to 22and up to 40DD. The best part about this Hawaiian based company is you can build your suit from scratch. You pick a style, the fabrics and can add accessories like bows or beads. I purchased Brazilian style bikini bottoms from Peace of Paradise last year and fell in love with how comfortable and versatile the suit is. The reversible feature allows me to mix and match the bottoms with any tops I own.
  5. Don’t compare yourself. The worst thing you can do to blow your confidence is compare your body to someone else’s. No two bodies are alike. It doesn’t matter if you have rolls, stretch marks, cellulite or any other skin-deep insecurity. Everyone, even a celebrity, feels uncomfortable with some part of their body. Our bodies are constantly changing. Personally, I gain and lose weight constantly. If I go off of my workout routine, then my body shows it but that doesn’t stop me from putting on a bikini every day and laying out at a crowded beach. Push any negative thoughts you have aside and focus on the features of your body that you love.

Go into this summer with that attitude that you’re sexy and you know it because you are. Share how you’ve overcome your insecurities and your favorite bikini company below!



*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by me (@sarahsmitherz)


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