Nape Undercuts: What You Need to Know Before the Buzz

If you frequent Pinterest or Instagram looking for hair inspiraton you might have seen a nape undercut pop up on your screen. A nape undercut is when you buzz the hair off the back of your neck. While guys usually get this done during a buzzcut, women are starting to join in. This hair trend has been popular with several celebs like Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner.


I’ve got my nape buzzed last year and I was in love with it. The only thing I didn’t like was how my hair looked in a loose bun and now that I’m growing it out I’m wishing I kept buzzing it for the hot summer months. If you’re looking for a drastic hair change that you can hide, this cut is for you. Check out the 6 things you need to know before getting a nape undercut below.

1. It makes you cooler (literally). I loved having a nape undercut during the summer because it was a lot cooler without hair on the back of my neck. I had being overheated and would rather be cold than hot so during the summer, a nape undercut was perfect.

2. You’ll love the feeling. If you don’t already love it, the feeling of freshly buzzed hair will grow on you. After every shave I would constantly be touching my nape to feel the small bristles of hair.

3. You can design it. One of the best parts about getting a nape undercut is designing it. Your hairdresser can buzz lines, words and even pictures into your hair. I stuck with a traditional nape undercut (no designs) but below are some examples of what you could get.

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4. You’ll see your hairdresser often. One of the negatives to getting a nape undercut is maintaining it. I got my nape buzzed about once a month because I like to keep it short. Your hair grows less than half an inch each month but when your hair is buzzed that short, half inch makes a big difference.

5. It’s cheap to maintain. My hairdresser only charged me $4 (the cost to get bangs trimmed) each time I needed to get my nape buzzed. Though your hair salon may charge more, it’s still cheaper than getting a full haircut. If you’re not interested in spending money each month and are trustworthy enough, you can have your friends buzz the back of your hair instead.

6. The grow-out process blows. If you have long hair, growing out your nape undercut to match the length of the rest of your hair will take forever. I’ve been growing mine out for 8 months now and it’s still 4 inches shorter than where the rest of my hair lies. If you want to fast forward to a “normal” hair look, you could cut your longer hair to match the length of your nape hairs or get extensions. Personally, I’d rather have one section of short hair than an entire head of short hair and I don’t feel like spending money on extensions. If you’re cheap like me and would rather wait it out, you’ll probably frequent the half up/half down hairstyle. It keeps hair out of your face and hides your baby nape hairs.

In the end, I loved having my nape undercut. I only started growing it out because I didn’t like how it looked when my hair was in a loose bun. I might shave it again some day but I’m not sure. Would you ever get a nape undercut? What are your thoughts on it?



*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by @kyliejenner


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