Everything You Need to Know About Finger Tattoos

Even though finger tattoos have been around for a while, celebrities like Rihanna and Cara Delevigne made them a trend. These dainty little tattoos can look cute but before get one there are several things you need to know.

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  1. They will fade. Since your fingers rub together often, your tattoo will fade. Though the ink is embedded in layers of skin, your skin cells regenerate and slowly the skin cells with ink will flake off and be replaced with new skin cells. Most tattoo artists will warn you of this before they agree to tattoo your fingers. How fast the tattoo fades depends on your level of care for it, your skin type, etc. I’ve had my finger tattoo for over two years and it’s still in good condition.
  2. They hurt. Just like any other tattoo, you are likely to feel pain while getting a finger tattoo. Your hands are made up of tiny bones like your feet and when a needle is stabbing on top of bone, it hurts. On the bright side, finger tattoos are usually small so the pain ends quick.
  3. Employers are more likely to see them. If you’ve got the balls to get a tattoo like Cara Delevigne, front and center on your knuckle, it’s likely that employers will notice. More companies are becoming open to visible tattoos but some might still balk at the sight of ink. If you’re worried your finger tattoo will prevent you from getting a job, avoid getting it in a visible spot and get inked with a color that blends in with your skin. I got a white tattoo on the inside of my middle finger and no one notices it unless they already know about it.
  4. You need a good artist. As tiny as they may be, you still need a good artist in order to get a good tattoo. A shitty or inexperienced tattoo artist can give you a tattoo that bleeds or blends together and then you’ll be left with a tiny, shitty tattoo.
  5. No “on a whim” or drunk tattoos. Just because it’s small and will eventually fade, doesn’t mean you should get a finger tattoo without pre-planning it. I recommend thinking about all of your tattoos for about 2 to 6 months before getting one. Your taste in things changes and you might regret it afterwards. The same goes for getting inked while drunk. Tattoo artists aren’t supposed to tattoo you while you’re under the influence but not every artist has a moral code. Some will turn their head the other way and just take your money. Your drunken idea to get penis tattooed on your middle finger will probably be something you regret the next morning.


At the end of the day, I love all of my tattoos. I don’t regret them and I am still thinking of new ones to get. However, finger tattoos might not be for everyone. Would you ever get one?



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