Your New Favorite Workout: Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide

You may have seen Kayla Itsines’ posts on Instagram of her insane client transformations. Her Bikini Body Guide is a 12 week workout program that retails for $69.97 and will get your ass in shape before you know it. The price may throw you off but keep reading, you’ll want to check out this book after reading my 5 reasons to use the Bikini Body Guide.

The program is set up with two e-books, each covering 12 weeks of workouts. The workouts are set up like circuits with two 7-minute circuits consisting of 4 workouts each. You do a certain number of reps for each of the 4 workouts and do as many cycles of the 4 in the 7 minutes. Then, after a break, you start the second circuit which consists of different workouts than the first circuit. Once the second circuit is over you restart with the first circuit, doing each circuit twice. Am I making sense or just babbling?

I’ve started the workout routine before and unfortunately I gave ups after 5 weeks. I loved the results but between school, work and home renovations, something had to give and it was my workouts. Check out my results from the few short weeks I did the program and read the 5 reasons why you should give the Bikini Body Guide a try.


  1. It’s quick. All you need is 30 minutes a day and you’ve got time to get a great workout in. Each workout is 28 minutes long (not including breaks) so add in four 30-second breaks and there’s your 30 minute workout. It’s quick and will get you sweating faster than a 30 minute lifting session/run on a treadmill.
  2. No gym necessary. Nearly every workout in the Bikini Body Guide will be something you can do at home. Squats, jumps, lunges and crunches are all things you can do in the comfort of your own room if you’re uncomfortable or unable to go to the gym.The only equipment you will use really need available to you is barbells which most people have a 5 or 10lb set in their home. If you don’t have those, improvise. Use a water jug or heavy books instead.
  3. It actually works. Unlike most “quick fix” fitness programs, this one works. The results take time to see but when you put your progress photos side by side, you’ll notice the changes in your body. For major changes it takes a lot longer. Many of the client photos Itsines posts on her Instagram page are transformations that have occurred over the course of a year or more. If you’re serious about changing your body for life then look into Bikini Body Guide.
  4. No scales. Itsines doesn’t promote weight loss. She focuses on healthy living and physical changes your body achieves because she knows that muscle (which you will gain) weighs more than fat. During the 5 weeks I stuck to the Bikini Body Guide, I didn’t lose any weight, but I saw immense changes in my body. I felt better too which is what the real goal of working out is: to feel better about yourself.
  5. The app. Itsines has her own application, Sweat With Kayla, that you can purchase for $4.61/week. The price may be steep for some of you but this app gives you access to all the workouts and meal ideas. Having the workouts in the palm of your hand makes things much easier (trust me) so springing the extra money for the app is worth it.

I’m restarting the program today (June 2nd) and plan to get through all 12 weeks this time around. I’ll be sharing my progress at weeks 4, 8 and 12 so you can view my personal progress.

Have you ever tried the Bikini Body Guide? What were your results like?




*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by @kayla_itsines


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