7 Tips to Painting

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted (sorry!) because I’m in the middle of painting my house. I’m halfway through the job and am loving how everything is turning out. I’m no expert on painting but I have done it before and I’ve picked up a few tricks to help you transform your room. Check out my tips to painting below!


  1. Don’t buy 2 in 1. The paint and primer combination irks me to no end because not many people know it’s better to use primer then paint (separately) rather than buying the all in one paint. Trust me on this. Just think of 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner….does it ever really work as well as separately using shampoo and conditioner? NO. So why would you trust a 2 in 1 paint to get the job done?
  2. Cheap primer will do. Now that you know to use primer and paint separately, you should also know that you can go cheap with the primer. I bought a generic primer for $8.99 a gallon and it works just as well as the expensive stuff. Primer is used to give you a good base to paint on and help the paint colors pop, so don’t be afraid to be cheap when you buy it.
  3. Splurge on paint. Here’s where it gets expensive. In order to make your painting job look good, you need good paint. This means taking a hit to your wallet and buying a brand like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. You don’t have to buy the most expensive type of paint but look for their medium grade (still kind of expensive). It will last long and look good too. To save some money try looking out for sales. I saved $100 during Sherwin Williams’ Memorial Day Sale and they have a 150th anniversary sale coming up this week! You can save up to 40 percent off just by shopping during one of their sales.
  4. Go neutral. Now this tip doesn’t apply to everyone but personally, I prefer to stay neutral with my wall colors. The idea of repainting once I get tired of a red or yellow or blue painted room drives me nuts (especially because of the cost of paint) so try painting your rooms neutral colors. I chose a medium gray for my living room, light gray for the bedrooms and cream color for the porch and kitchen. Neutral colors are good because you can accessorize with color and once you get tired of your colored accessories, you can change them out. It’s much easier than repainting rooms.
  5. Pick the right finish. Choosing a finish for your paint is almost as important as the color. Typically people go with a flat finish for the ceiling, a satin or low-luster finish for the walls and a glossy finish for cabinets. The difference is how easy it is to clean. If you have kids, you’re more likely to get handprints and gunk on the walls and a satin/low-luster finish will make it much, much easier to get off. Glossy is the best choice for cabinets (if you’re painting them) because of how easy any food comes off. (I painted by cabinets with glossy paint that matches the low-luster color I painted my kitchen walls for an extra neutral look.)
  6. Save money with cheap rollers. I’ve always used cheap paint rollers from bargain stores and have never had an issue. Paint store employees will try to tell you that the roller is just as important as the paint: this is somewhat true. The roller should have the paint going on smooth and it shouldn’t leave behind fibers. If you’re not sure the roller you bought is good, do a test with it on a small section of the wall. If it’s not working like it should, throw it in the garbage and buy a different brand.
  7. ANGLED BRUSHES: ALWAYS. I don’t paint the section of the wall that connects to the ceiling. I don’t have a steady hand and frankly, I suck at it. Even with an angled brush I still manage to fuck it up. But, you are not me and YOU CAN DO THIS. In order to get that perfect line, use an angled brush. It’s designed for you to not mess up. It will help you get a clean crisp line that you’re looking for.


Have you thought about repainting any rooms lately? What are your tips to getting the job done right?



*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by @benjaminmoore




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