Home Makeover: Bathroom Breakdown

House renovations are finally coming to a close and I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on for the past 8 months. The first room finished was the bathroom and I have to say I am in love with it. It’s a small space but I every piece in the room has a purpose and keeps it efficient.

When I first bought the house, the bathroom was one of the worst rooms. It was moldy, dirty and down-right disgusting. I refused to step inside it because it was so gross. Like most of the house, it ended up being a total gut job. Check out the pictures below and read about where I got my fixtures!


Though nearly everything was thrown out, we did keep two things: the sink and the shower/tub. We debated making the bathroom bigger, buying a new shower/tub and rearranging the setup but it would have extended the project timeline and cost too much money.


Instead we kept the current setup and ripped out everything else. After replacing the sheetrock, insulation and the subfloor, I painted it “Whitetail” by Sherwin Williams. I love the cream white color because it makes it look crisp and clean.


The biggest change I wanted to make when I decided to renovate the bathroom was to add tile above the shower. I don’t like the look of sheetrock in a shower area and tile increases the house value. It was a small job (and my first time tiling) but I think it came out great. I bought this brownish marble tile from Wayne Floor & Decor on clearance and the whole thing (tile, adhesive, grout and sealer) ended up costing me under $200.


The matching sink base and medicine cabinet are not actually matching.  I didn’t buy them together (a big mistake) and got the sink base first. It was on sale from Home Depot and cost about $200. I loved the color and wanted to find the matching medicine cabinet but when I purchased one from Home Depot the next week, it was way off. I returned that one and found the one you see below. They’re still not exact matches because apparently Home Depot doesn’t sell the a matching cabinet for it but they’re similar enough that it’s hardly noticeable.

The light fixture is one of my best purchases. I got it brand new from a Habitat For Humanity Restore for $20. The Restore is one of my favorite places to shop if I’m looking for an expensive fixture because they have amazing deals everyday. I happened to go there after they got a shipment of light fixtures from a local light company that was going out of business. I highly recommend going here if you need furniture, fixtures or household items for cheap.



The flooring in the rest of my house is a Pergo-type laminate. I wanted to find something similar to match it and ended up getting this wood looking linoleum from a local floor store. It doesn’t match exactly but I love the wood look of it. This store happens to sell small samples of flooring that’s leftover from other purchases so I got this floor for $90. The bathroom being so small worked out in my favor this time. 🙂


We bought a new American Standard toilet for $75 and I got an American Standard Faucet for $50 (both from from Lowes). Storage is a big issue in this house since there isn’t an attic or extra closets for storage. I bought the white cabinet above the toilet from Walmart for $40 and it turned out to be multi-functional. Not only can I store extra toilet paper or bathroom supplies in there but I can hang my hand towels from it. It’s the perfect solution to my small bathroom problems. I also added some clear plastic containers (with lids) and a candle to the shelf on the cabinet to make a cute but functional display. I picked those up for $3 a piece from Walmart and chose to store Q-tips and cotton balls in them.


When it came time to buy the shower fixtures, I splurged a bit. I spent $100 on this American Standard chrome set from Lowes. I didn’t love that it was chrome (almost everything else I bought was brushed nickel) but it’s so hard to find shower/tub fixtures with two separate handles. Most of them had knobs, a look I though went out of style years ago…

The toilet paper holder, towel rack and towel hook (not pictured) were all purchased from Lowes and rang up to about $40. A bit pricy but I couldn’t pass them up. The shower curtain was a cheap purchase from Kohls. I got it for $12 and it caught my eye because of the brown color block at the bottom. The brown bathmat also came from kohls and was only $10.  Even though I tend to lean toward gray and white color schemes, the bathroom ended up being browns and white and I love it. I think it gives it a warm feeling rather than the cold look gray can give off. Another small detail was the chrome shower rod I got from Lowes (it ended up matching the chrome shower fixtures I bought).

To finish off the room I grabbed some brown bath sheets, hand towels and washcloths from Costco. My boyfriend gifted me a silver automatic soap dispenser and I bought a white toothbrush holder (not pictured) from Walmart. Lastly, I picked up a magnifying mirror from the dollar store and suction cupped it to my medicine cabinet.


I’m obsessed with my bathroom and how the rest of the house is coming together. I can’t wait to share the rest of the pictures and breakdown what I changed and where I got my stuff from. Keep an eye out for the rest of my posts in the next few weeks and feel free to share your thoughts on my house renovation!

What do you think of the bathroom transformation? What would you have done different?



*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by me.


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