17 Activities That Are Perfect for Fall

Struggling to find things to do now that the weather is cooling down? No worries! I’ve got you covered. Check out the 17 fall activities you need to do this fall.

1. Apple Picking. A classic fall activity. Grab your family or a group of friends and hit the orchard. Apple picking is a great way to spend a day. You can spend a lot of time wandering through the rows of trees, climbing branches and searching for the best apples.  Find a local orchard near you by visiting this site.

2. Hay Rides. Not always the most comfortable activity but it’s a classic. Little kids are sure to love this one and it’s a great way to travel around an orchard or pumpkin patch. If you decide to go on a hay ride make sure to wear thick pants so the hay doesn’t poke you in all the wrong spots.

3. Pumpkin Picking. This is right up there with apple picking as the most popular activities for fall. Pumpkin picking is a less active way to spend an afternoon. You can leisurely walk through a pumpkin patch searching for your perfect future jack-o-lantern.


4. Decorate/Carve Pumpkins. After you’ve picked a pumpkin, you’ve gotta pick your design. One of my personal fall favorites is carving a good pumpkin. I get really into it and try to find the perfect design for my little jack-o-lantern. Keep your pumpkin creation looking fresher longer by using this hack to prevent rotting. Also, keep the pumpkin seeds when you’re gutting it so after you’re done carving you can bake them for a snack. Heres a quick recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds.

5. Hiking. Fall’s the best season to go hiking because the weather cools off just enough that it’s enjoyable and you won’t end up drenched in sweat. Not to mention the leaves will give you a beautiful view.

6. Go to a Fall Festival. FALL. FESTIVAL. Think hot apple cider, fresh apple cider doughnuts, baked goods, music…it’s everything you need to get into the fall spirit.


7. Hot Air Balloon Ride. If you’re looking to get the best view of fall foliage, there’s no better way than going up, up and away! Though they’ll cost you upwards of $250 a person, hot air ballon rides are a calm and relaxing way to see the change in seasons.

8. Corn Maze. Sunflower mazes are all dead by now but it’s okay, corn mazes will be popping up everywhere. They’re not as bright as sunflowers but corn mazes can be just as fun. Grab a friend and get lost in the maze for a fun afternoon. Search for one near you by visiting this site.

9. Tailgate at a Football Game. Why watch a football game on TV when you can go watch it in person? Not only can you watch your favorite team play but you can tailgate beforehand. Bring some drinks, a portable grill, food and you’re good to go.

10. Bake holiday cookies or fruit pies. You’re going to need to do something with all the apples you picked when you went apple picking….so why not bake a pie? Cookies are another good desert to make this fall. Pick up cute themed cookie cutters like these ones below. You can grab 6 fall themed ones for under $10 on Amazon.


11. Go to a Haunted House. This is the perfect activity if you love getting scared. Personally, I hate being frightened and I’ve only gone to a haunted house once. But haunted houses can be fun, especially if you love cool visual effects, intense costumes and dark rooms.

12. Oktoberfest. Steins of beer, food, music, what more could you want? You don’t have to travel to Germany to go to Oktoberfest either. Look for one in a nearby town or city and enjoy this perfect fall activity.


13. Halloween Movie Marathon. The perfect low-cost night in type of fall activity. With Halloween right around the corner all the classic movies (Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, etc.) are all going to be re-run on TV. It’s the best opportunity to watch old favorites. Make sure you check out Halloween TV schedules here.

14. Horseback riding. If you’re more adventurous and have a love for animals, this is the best way to spend a fall day. Horseback riding through leaf strewn trails will make for beautiful visuals and even better memories. Find a horseback tour near you by visiting this site.

15. Graveyard Tours. Another great choice for you fright night freaks (no offense). What else will scare you than walking through a real graveyard and hearing ghost stories? It sounds terrifying to me lol.

16. Go for a Drive. The most beautiful part of fall is when the leaves begin to change and trees become a mix of green, yellow, red and orange. Hop in your car, fill your gas tank and just drive. You don’t need a plan, just drive around and enjoy the view.


17. Tour a winery. Grapes are still in season so enjoy it while it lasts. Before winter hits and freezes everything, stop by a winery and explore the vineyard. Taste some wine and buy a bottle (or two) for a relaxing evening.

What are you planning to do this fall? Are there activities that you’ve turned into a tradition? Let me know below!



*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by @styleitwithtrix


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