Ballin’ on a Budget: Creating a Closet Island

When I decided to turn the second bedroom of my house into a closet, I knew I had to have a closet island. However, when I started looking for them, I realized how damn expensive they are. Not being one to drop hundreds of dollars on something, I decided to DIY it. Read below to find out how to make your own closet island for under $300!

  1. The base. All good closet islands start with a strong base. I found these Real Simple 6-cube storage units from Bed Bath and Beyond that gives plenty of storage and the perfect clean look for a closet island’s base. I used three, two back to back and one on the end. To make the island extra sturdy I screwed the storage unites together. One small tweak I made was leaving the legs off the units. I loved the look of the island with the legs but it was just a bit too tall with them on. This trio of storage units was the perfect size for my small room but if you’re interested in a bigger island they also sell a 9-cube storage unit.

For $49.99, the base cost me $150.



  1. Countertop. Typically the most expensive piece in a closet island is the stone tabletop. You could go the cheaper way and get glass but I prefer a stronger and sturdier stone top. Since granite and marble cost nearly an arm and a leg, Instead of dropping a few hundred on a stone slab from a traditional store, I tried my luck at a local Habitat For Humanity Restore. Restores are great because if you look hard enough and often enough, you’ll find just what you need. I started looking at the scrap countertops they were selling and found this beautiful black granite countertop. After measuring it I discovered it happened to be the perfect size for my base. Since the countertop was real granite (and extremely heavy) I used gorilla glue to hold it to the storage units. I didn’t want to risk it falling and ruining my brand new floors.

This beautiful piece only cost me $65.

  1. Fabric cubes. When I looked at the storage unit cubes, I knew I had to get fabric cubes to store socks, bras, scarves and other miscellaneous items. I found the best black fabric cubes on Amazon. I love how easy these cubes make it to organize and I used 2 packs of 6 to fill up the sides of my island’s cubbies. I left the front storage cube open to display purses but you could buy a 3rd pack of storage cubes and fill those up too.

At $18 each, the two packs cost me $36.



OPTIONAL: Drawers/Trays. If you’re looking for extra space for jewelry, you might want to look into getting drawer or tray inserts for your storage unit cubes. Real Simple sells a tray kit that goes with the storage cubes I used. I didn’t buy the trays because they’re a little pricey at $14.99 a tray. I’m not ruling them out for the future though. I would love a better space to store my jewelry (right now it’s all tangled in boxes) so I might install some down the line.

All in all, I spent $251 on my closet island. I’m obsessed with how it came together and it’s my favorite part of the house. If you chose to buy the tray inserts you could get up to $300 easily, but for a closet island, that’s still cheap.

Have you ever thought about getting a closet island? What do you think of mine? Comment below and check out some other closet islands below for inspiration!







*Feature photo originally posted on Instagram by me.


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