Home Makeover: Walk-in Closet

Home renovations are done! Well, almost done. Aside from a few outside projects and a broken dryer, the inside of the house is complete. I’ve already given you a look at my bathroom and how I created a closet island, so it’s only fair I show you the rest of the closet. It’s adore this room and could spend hours getting ready in here.


Before I decided to turn this room into a closet, it was a small second bedroom. I initially was going to have a roommate move in but things fell through. So mid-way through demo my dad suggested turning it into a closet. It was the perfect idea since this room was adjacent to my bedroom and I have a TON of clothes.

This was one of the only rooms we didn’t completely strip. It was in decent shape compared to the rest of the house so we left the sheetrock, painted it a light gray (Gray Screen by Sherwin Williams) and repainted the original trim a glossy white. I ripped out the carpet and installed a beautiful laminate floor in this room and throughout the rest of the house. To make room for all my clothes, I removed the existing closet doors and shelves and we added new closet poles and a shelf.

In order to make the room feel like a true closet, we cut an entryway in the wall that connects to the bedroom. Another small change that made a big difference: a new light fixture. The original fixture was an outdated gold glass octagon. I chose a marble looking white light from Home Depot (marble is a recurring feature throughout the house) and installed daytime lights to brighten up the room.



I had originally planned to install wooden shelves to the right of where my clothes hang and create a dedicated space for my shoes. To save time I picked up shoe rack from Walmart. It fits about 30 pairs of shoes and only cost me $20. I’ll eventually install the wooden shelves but this is a good temporary solution to storage problems. I talked all about my centerpiece, the closet island, in an earlier blog post so I won’t repeat myself here.



Because I have a mild shopping addiction and needed even more storage for my clothes I started looking for dressers. One of my best friends happened to be getting rid of a wooden dresser (pictured above) and I jumped at the chance to take it. It was originally wood and I have a deep distaste for natural wood finishes so I grabbed my white paint and gave it a facelift. The handles were originally a brass color so to update them I spray painted them silver.

The makeup organizers were a spur of the moment purchase. I had always stored my makeup in one of my dresser drawers but I needed to use every drawer for clothing. I snagged these off of Amazon for $15 and love how easily accessible my makeup is now. The nail polish holder was also purchased off Amazon for $17. I don’t paint my nails as often as I used to but I liked the display look rather than shoving all the polishes in a box. The shelf above the dresser was found on the side of the road (no shame). It was also wood so I painted it with the same paint used for the dresser.




I picked up a huge mirror from Habitat for Humanity’s Restore for $10 (pictured above), painted the frame white and hung it behind the door. I think mirrors are a necessity for a walk-in closet. What’s the point in getting dressed if you can’t see how good you look? The black shelf/coat rack (seen in the mirror’s reflection) was a garage sale find. I got it for $3, spray painted it black and voila! I now have a place to hang robes and other miscellaneous things.

If you hadn’t noticed, DIY and repurposing old furniture is one my favorite things. It’s the best way to get what you want on a budget. Down the line I will replace the dresser and install the shoe shelves but for now, I’m working with what I’ve got.

What do you think of the closet makeover? Would you have done something different? Let me know in the comments!




Feature photo taken by me.


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