How to Prep for the Gilmore Girls Reboot

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Friday Nov. 25 and I am anxiously waiting to see what Amy Sherman-Palladino has been planning since 1999. If you’re as obsessed with the series as I am, this week will be a long one and the day after Thanksgiving will be spent binge-watching while eating leftovers. Here’s a few ways you can prepare for the long-awaited reboot.

1. Re-watch every episode of Gilmore Girls. If you haven’t seen the show since it went off the air in 2007, you might want a refresher of all 153 episodes. They’re all available on Netflix.

2. Drink copious amounts of coffee. Drink it, slurp it, transmit it through an IV, take your pick.

3. Read a book. Rory Gilmore would probably recommend Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy or Howl by Allen Ginsberg but you’re truly looking to get the full Gilmore Girls experience you can take on the “Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.” This requires reading all 339 books mentioned in seasons 1-7.

4. Order takeout. Chinese food, pizza, Thai food, take your pick or order all of them and eat until you feel sick. It’s what Lorelai and Rory would do. Lukes Coffee.jpg

5. Buy Gilmore Girls merchandise.
I bought a “Luke’s Diner” mug two weeks
ago off of Esty and it has become my favorite. I highly recommend looking through Etsy or checking out the WB’s shop.

6. Prepare a drinking game. Create your own or follow one of the drinking games created by The Kitchn, BuzzFeed or Revelist. It’ll make the release of the reboot more fun, though be careful not to drink to much. You’ll want to remember what you watched when you wake up the next morning.

7. Visit a diner. It might not be Luke’s but it’s as close as you’ll get to the Stars Hollow diner experience. So order some coffee and a burger and enjoy the diner experience. You can also take this time to play “1, 2, 3…He’s yours.”

8. Have a movie marathon. Picking out movies to watch isn’t hard. Not only is there documentation of every book Rory read but there is a list of every movie mentioned in seasons 1-7. Randomly pick 5 from the list and you’re ready for movie night.

9. Preorder Lauren Graham’s new book. Normally I wouldn’t recommend a book before reading it but Graham’s biography includes her time on both the original Gilmore Girls seasons and the reboot. It looks like the perfect read for a Gilmore Girls fanatic. The book comes out four days after the release of the reboot and you can preorder it here.

10. Grab some tissues. There’s no guarantee that the reboot will be sad but the loss of Edward Herrmann will be brought up through the death of his character on the show. If that doesn’t get your waterworks going then perhaps the thought of getting a definitive ending to the show might.

11. Choose your team. The biggest debate of all may soon be settled….or completely avoided. Will Rory end up with Dean, Jess or Logan? Will she end up alone? Personally, I’m Team Jess but I’ll be happy to see where they choose to go with Rory’s storyline. If she doesn’t end up with anyone, there may be an angry mob outside of Sherman-Palladino’s home. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ll be binge-watching the original episodes for the next few days and eagerly awaiting the last four words to the show. What are you doing to prepare for the new episodes?



Feature photo via @gilmoregirls


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