Home Makeover: Laundry….Hall?

Laundry rooms are far from glamorous and mine is no exception. It’s not even a room, it’s a hallway. I’m not complaining though because it beats having to go to a laundry mat. As you can see below, my house wasn’t very pretty when it was first purchased. The hallway to the bathroom and stairs was heavily damaged by water and where there’s water, there’s mold. Not only that, but the hallway looked like it was already demoed because the sheetrock on the ceiling caved in.

The demo for this room was the most disgusting out of the whole house. Removing the old washer and dryer was one of my least favorite experiences. The washing machine had water in it that must have been sitting there for years. It spilled on the floor as we were moving the it out of the house aimg_3228nd the smell was horrible. It was also a pain in the ass to get the machines through the small hallway. We had to remove the doorknobs off of the two hallway doors in order to get them through.

Not all of this demo was bad though. My favorite part of this before and after is the stairs. The ugliest and dirtiest green carpet was covering up beautiful unfinished stairs. I sanded them down, stained them and covered it with polyurethane giving me nice finished wooden stairs. The process took a few days.  It was my first time staining anything and aside from the smell of polyurethane permeating the house for a week, I think it turned out pretty well

After we gutted the back hallway we started with the basics: insulation, sheetrock and spackle. Once that was done I painted the walls and trim. I used a pure white gloss paint for the trim to keep with the neutral color theme. Since majority of the house is gray and white I went with a cream white color  for the back hallway. I used Whitetail by Sherwin Williams, the same paint I used in the kitchen and the room upstairs. It not only img_5243gives that side of the house a clean and cohesive look but it brightens up the hallway.

One of the only original pieces in this hallway (aside from the stairs) is the door for the linen closet (the furthest door in the picture to the right). Since mold was everywhere in the back hallway, we had sprayed the beams with a bleach/water mixture before we put the sheetrock up. For the closet and door I wiped them down with what felt like dozens of Clorox wipes and theimg_1497n used Killz primer to be extra safe. Then I painted the inside of the closet the same cream color and the door pure white. The bathroom door is still unpainted but it’s a naturally white door so I won’t be painting it for awhile.

One of the biggest headaches came up when it was time to purchase new appliances. The washer and dryer were both purchased from a Sears Outlet and for the love of god, NEVER SHOP THERE. We bought them on sale about a month before I could move into my house so when we finally got around to installing them we found out the brand new in box dryer we bought was broken. It would make a loud clanking noise for 15 seconds and then shut off. Sears wouldn’t immediately replace it until we had a repairman check it out. Long story short, the repairman showed up 3 times over a month long period and gave up. We exchanged the dryer for an exact replacement and THAT ONE DIDN’T WORK EITHER. At this point I was ready to set the damn thing on fire. Finally we brought that dryer back and ended up buying a different brand for cheaper and it works (hallelujah).


Decorating this room was pretty simple since there isn’t much space. The laundry sign was on sale at TJ Maxx and I had to have it. Some of my clothes can’t go in the dryer and I had nowhere to hang them. It was the perfect solution to that problem. It also adds color to the very white hallway. The curtains match nearly every other curtain in the house. I bought them from a store on Amazon along with the curtain hangers for a low price. The color goes well with the room and I love how I can store my broom and Swiffer in the corner and use the curtain to hide it.

Storage is always an issue in my house because I don’t have an attic or many closets. In order to free up space I bought a floor model pantry cabinet that was on sale at Lowes and decided to make a little platform for it since it would fit in the little nook next to the stairs. We lifted it up so it can be accessed easily and it gave me storage underneath too. You can see it slightly in the far right of the picture above. For even more storage I added two Rubbermaid shelves above the washer and dryer and now all of my washing/dryer supplies are readily available.

It probably seems like I’ve shown every room in my house but there are still three left. I’ll be posting them all within the next week and let me know what you think of the back hallway/laundry area in the comments below!


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