On the Shelf: May 2017

Growing up I had an insatiable love for reading. There were countless books I would tear through. In the last five years I lost interest in reading but, recently spare time led me back to novels. Moving forward, I’ll be sharing what books I’ve read. This months reads are pretty morbid, with one exception. Check them out below!


1. The Wrong Girl by Hank Phillippi Ryan – To be honest, this book took some time to get good. But once it kicked in I was hooked. It revolves around a murder, an adoption agency and how they are connected. The main character is a journalist who gets dragged into the mystery by a former coworker. 


2. The Killing Hour by Lisa Gardner – I absolutely loved this book. Murder mysteries have always been a favorite of mine and this one takes the cake. It focuses on a serial killer that takes two women and hides the bodies in ecologically significant places. With vivid details and a plot twist, this book will keep you on your toes. 


3. Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly – You may be thinking this book is too childish for an adult. It’s not. You’re never too old to revisit Disney story. This book follows Belle after she finds a magic book that takes her away from the castle. It’s a quick read but I highly recommend it.


4. Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper РThis novel seemed like a clich̩ at first: psychic helps law enforcement solve crimes. But, it was much better than that. There was a plot twist at the end that made the entire novel for me. Though parts of the psychic mumbo-jumbo seemed completely unrealistic, the book captured my attention.

Have you read any of these before? Let me know in the comments section.


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