Dress Up Your Dishes with Edible Flowers

Flowers are blooming again and it’s time incorporate these brightly colored and tasty petals into dishes. Flowers can add flavor and texture to any dish. Check out three petals you can use when you cook.

1. Lavender is one of the more popular flowers to use because of its’ color and distinct flavor. Using too much can ruin a dish and leave a perfume-like aftertaste. Try grinding the lavender into a powder to prevent this. It works well in dishes like seared Ahi tuna, cake or shortbread.

2. Pansy blossoms, known for their vibrant colors, are one of the few flowers that can be entirely consumed, stem and stamen included. They’re versatile because of their mild flavor and can be added to drinks, cakes, omelets and even pasta. Yes, PASTA! Emma Brittan and Sophia Emma Piper-Burket of Kitchen Caravan rolled petals into pasta sheets and the end result is lovely.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.44.17 AM.png

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

3. Rose petals are usually incorporated into Middle Eastern dishes like Turkish delight, but these romantic flowers can be added into a slew of recipes. An easy way to add them into a meal is by infusing honey with the petals. For every cup of honey, use two cups of rose petals. Firmly pack the petals in a jar and pour the honey (warmed) over them. Remove any air pockets by stirring and then cap the jar. Stir after a few hours of rest and store the jar in a warm place. For the next month stir occasionally then add the infused honey to oatmeal, toast, ice cream or any other dish.

If you’re more interested in using petals as cake decorations, crystallize them. Simply dilute an egg white with a little water, brush the petals with the mixture and sprinkle them with fine sugar. Shake off any excess sugar and then leave the petals face-up on parchment paper in a cool place to dry. Allow them to dry for eight hours, moving them occasionally to prevent sticking. Once dried, store them at room temperature in an airtight container.


Feature photo courtesy of @cofetariaarmand.ro.

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