12 Beach Towels to Tan on This Summer  

Forget about the decade old beach towels your parents have been saving and lay on one of these cute and quirky towels this summer. Check out 12 of my favorites and find out where to buy them below!
1. Mermaid Beach Towel by Bonfire Bay – $19.99

2. Banana Life Beach Towel by Mark Ashkenazi – $38

3. Yes Way Rosé Round Beach Towel by DesignByKristina – $30.00

4. Titty Commitee Beach Towel by Natalie Catalina – $38

5. Blue Lotus Pattern Round Beach Towel from Overstock – $19.99

6. The Worlds Biggest Towel by Monster Towel – $89.95

7. Pizza Beach Blanket from Shopbop- $28.00

8. Eagle Gift Spa Towel from Pendleton USA – $49.50

9. Lotus Love by Vagabond – Currently sold out

10. Donut Beach Towel by Jiange – $20.99

11. Round “Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy” Beach Towel by King Do Way – $15.39

12. Beach Towel Tote Bag with Pillow by SewObsessedNE- $30.00


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