4 Korean Beauty Products You Need

When it comes to beauty products, Koreans are at the top of their game. I'm obsessed with these products because they're effective, and not only will you see results, you'll feel them. Check out my favorite products below and let me know what you think in the comments section.   1. Pilaten Face Mask. Beauty [...]


5 Types of Beauty Products You Should Be Using Daily 

Beauty products are bountiful but for everyday essentials there are 5 types of products you need to be using. Check out my go-to items and the brands I use the most.  1. Cleanser - To get clear skin, you need to wash your face everyday. There's no way around it. Add a cleanser into your daily routine [...]

15 Halloween Themed Makeup Looks to Die For

15 Halloween Themed Makeup Looks to Die For

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year because of how all-out some people go with their costumes. Clothing isn't the only way to dress up though. Makeup, whether it's simple or intense, is another way to create a unique look. Check out 15 Halloween themed makeup looks below to get you in the holiday spirit! [...]